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Trumbull Continuing Education - Spring 2004


This course will give participants the tools to experience the many hiking opportunities in our beautiful state.  Participants will meet Thursday evenings to learn basic hiking skills.  These skills will be put into practice during four day hikes scheduled on weekends.


Class #1: Getting Started & Gear -2/26
* Welcome
* Information Cards
* Share your information with the class
Basic Backpack
* Backpack * Knife
* Compass * Thin gauge climbing rope
* Emergency Whistle * Map (if possible)
* Flashlight * First Aid Kit
* Talk-about * XL Poncho
* Salt & Sugar * Water Bottle
* Matches & Lint
* Boots * Gaiters
* Socks * Shirts
* Underwear * Pants
* Jacket * Sunglasses
* Hats * Camelback
* Gloves * Nalgene
* Facemask * Compass
* Flashlight * Hiking Sticks



Class #2: Map Reading - 3/4
Map Books
* CT Blue Book * CT Walk Book
* AT Trail Guide * CT Topo Map
Reading Plain Maps
* Legend * Scale
* Compass Rose
Reading Topo Maps
* Contour Lines
Reading Elevation Graphs
Reading Orienteering Maps
Plan A Hike
*Using a map of the AT, plan a one day hike.  Consider terrain, elevation, and distance to determine time and car placement.

Class #3: The Compass & GPS - 3/11 
 Types of Compass  
 * Generic Compass  * Advanced Compass
 * Sighting Compass  
 How to use a compass  
 * taking a bearing  * aligning to a map
 How to use a GPS  
 * the functions of a GPS  
 Introduction to Letterboxing, Geocaching, and Orienteering



Class #4: Worst Case Scenario - 3/18
Worst Case Scenario while hiking?
* what should you have to fix the problem
* multi-use items
First Aid Kits
Basic First Aid
Just in case items



 Class #5: Planning & Packing - 3/25
                for Overnight Trips
* Plot course * Plan camping sites
* Places to refill water * Plan Car Placement
Backpacks & Packing  
* Internal v. External * Ziploc Bags
* Compression Sacks * Balancing Weight
Extra Gear  
* Sleeping Bags * Tents
* Stoves  
Food & Drink  
* What To Eat/Drink * What Not To Eat/Drink
* Re-packaging Foods * Dehydrated Foods



Scheduled Group Hikes

Saturday, March 6 TBA
Saturday, March 13 TBA
Satruday, March 20 TBA
Saturday, March 27 TBA



Meet The Teacher: Alan D. Smith

Alan Smith has been an avid hiker for many years.  His love for hiking began as a member of the Boy Scouts of America where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with a Gold Palm.  Alan is currently a B.S.A. certified merit badge counselor for Hiking, Backpacking, and Orienteering.  Mr. Smith is a registered member of the Western Connecticut Orienteering Club as well as Letterboxing North America and  In 2002/2003 Mr. Smith hiked an average of ten or more hours a week discovering wonderful trails throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maine.  In February of 2003, Alan traveled to Dartmoor, England for a nine day excursion in one of the world's largest national parks.  Mr. Smith is eager to share his experiences with this class so that others may discover the excitement and natural beauty that is hiking in Connecticut.



Recommended Reading

Connecticut Walk Book, 20th ed. Published by CFPA, 16 Meriden Rd. Rockfall, CT

Appalachian Trail Guide to Massachusetts and Connecticut, Norman Sills & Robert Hatton; Published by Appalachian Trail Conference, Harpers Ferry, WVA

Sixty Selected Short Nature Walks in CT, Eugene Keyarts, Published by Globe Pequot Press, Old Saybrook, CT.

Country Walks in Connecticut, Susan Cooley, Published by Appalachian Mountain Club Books (Boston, MA) and The Nature Conservancy (Middletown, CT)

Best Hikes With Children in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, Cynthia C Lewis & Thomas J. Lewis; The Mountaineers









The Degree Confluence Project:

Appalachian Mountain Club CT Chapter:

Connecticut Forest & Parks Association:

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